The High Tide EP

by The Waves

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We would like to thank our friends and family for their continuous love and support. You push us to be the best musicians and performers we can be. This one's for you. Thank you to the beautiful city of Akron, Ohio for constantly inspiring us. Most of all, thank you to our parents for putting up with the noisy houses, the late night jam sessions, and the sketchy gigs. We are here because of you. Stick with us...we won't let you down.


released July 1, 2016

Producer- Stephen English
Recorded At- Central 8 Studios
Cover Art- Meredith Grenci

The Waves:
Vocals/Lyrics/Synth- Michael English
Guitar- Dominic Merlitti
Bass- Dylan Radik
Drums- Jack Conrad



all rights reserved


The Waves Akron, Ohio

The Waves is a band based in Akron, Ohio. Fitting no true genre; they are inspired by many, but defined by none. Cage the Elephant, The Black Keys, Twenty One Pilots, and Rage Against The Machine being a few of their influences. The Waves want to bring music back to Akron. Letting nothing define them; except for their great sound and explosive stage presence. A band of tomorrow, here today. ... more

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Track Name: Midnight
As the sun starts to set, and the moon to shine
I find myself in regret, feeling unaligned
There is not much light left, to cover up my lies
Pretending to forget all that has filled up my mind

Because it'll be midnight, and I'm thinking about my ways, it'll be hours, before I see the day, when I can do what I plan, but everything seems easier with midnight thoughts at hand.

Outside it is pouring
The shadow lines are boring
My mind sends a warning
Just waiting on the morning
The ice no sign of warming
Anxiety is forming
My thoughts of life swarming
Outside it still keeps storming.
Track Name: A Dude Named Joe
Here as I ride
The sun feeds me the light
And then some guy
Bumps into me and I reply

This life has somewhat died out
I'm here questioning my doubt
Feeling my brains exploding out
What is this life supposed to mean

Well what he said next I don't recall
It's like my mind got stuck in a crowded hall
Every word he said just seemed to fall
And when the smoke cleared out I wasn't there at all

This life has somewhat died out
I'm here questioning my doubt
Feeling my brains exploding out
What is this life supposed to mean
It's causing my mind to overload
Don't leave cuz there's nowhere else to go
I'm just a dude named Joe
Living life on the beach
Track Name: Play It Again
Back and forth through my mind
I hear it clearer every time
But now I'm sitting here alone again and I need to find the light.
It's like a call a kind of fear
Anything to make this clear
And now I'm singing out oh help us I need you here.

All I've found was you
And though my mind...

Back and forth through my mind
I find it strange I'm out of line
Cuz I'm doing what you want but nothing has arrived.
It started off late last year
Oh and I need you here
I'm nothing without you I need you to take the wheel and steer.

All I've found was you
And though my mind, up and down

All this time I've seen you standing there but now I've gone somewhere where I can see the light again you leave me petrified
Track Name: Bait For A Blonde
Am I a disappointment, because you make me feel like this
You really picked the wrong choice, and now I want to dismiss
You're crazy, I loved it, maybe I was deceived
She was all I, would think of but now I'm not ready to leave

Can you go
I wanna know
Bait for a blonde

You leave me with all these questions
Confusion is where I stand
At this moment I want to speak
But my thoughts will start to disband
You make me, feel clueless, and I can't lie
It's hard to, be strong when your the one making me alive

Can you go
I wanna know
Bait for a blonde (2x)
Track Name: Part II
The sun is falling down as we reach the end of day
My mind is burning slowly I feel so far away
No matter the time of day, the waves will never stop
They keep crashing on the beach like our never ending thoughts

Open your eyes
Open your mind
Open your eyes
Open your mind
Oh will you come with me